What kind of children play equipment for children in different growth stage?

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Childhood is the foundation stage of life, from fetuses, newborns, infants, preschoolers to teenagers are in the process of continuous growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics different from adults, in all age groups are also quite different. We need to realistically consider the degree of intellectual development and physical development of the child's to buy right children playground equipment.


From birth to 1 year old for the infancy

The physiological characteristics of this period for the growth and development period faster than any time, nerve development are also very rapid, weak immunity, susceptible to infectious diseases. We can choose children playground equipment soft-filled, rattle, squeeze toy etc.

1 to 3 years old for the preschoolers 

The physiological characteristics of this period are the growth rate of physical growth than infants, language and action ability significantly improved, they will move, but there is no sense of security and self-protection awareness, prone to accidents. We can choose such as ball, drag toys, building blocks, toy houses, toy cars, puzzles toys, beach toys from children playground equipment.

4 to 6 years old for the pre-school period

This period of children physical development continues to grow, hands and feet are not flexible, careless and noisy etc. We can choose tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzles, dolls and costumes, story books, play areas with people and accessories.

6 to 9 years old for school-age children

Children like to play with skills and intelligence of the game. We can choose kites, bicycles and helmets, skates and protective supplies, handicrafts, dolls, puppets and acting clowns, sports equipment, jigsaw puzzles and chess and other toy products.

A lot of people do not pay attention to their babies playing what kind of toys, and they take it for granted. In fact, the baby in different stages of growth, the purchase of children play equipment should pay attention to. If you get the right choice, can be entertaining, playing a very good role in promoting the baby's growth and development. It may lead the result to the opposite side if you get wrong choice. Wande hopes that the above points are helpful to the parents.

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