Large playground equipment on product design requirements

Date: 2017-04-11 Source: Print Bookmark

Playground equipment in the design of each playground products, the safety of the products has been carefully considered. The safety of large playground equipment product design should be considered.


1. All will cause the child hand, heads, bodies, feet and other parts caught in the device, must be eliminated.

2. Swing, shake music and other equipment must consider the product's buffer performance.

3. All large playground equipment, not allowed to have sharp parts exposed (for example: screws, etc.). The exposed parts may be hooked on children clothing so that the children into danger. So the exposed parts must be covered with a round cover.

4. Must use high-performance, high-quality, durable materials for design.

5. Large playground equipment in order to prevent the child's accidental fall, in a certain height of the device, you must set the fence.

6. Large playground equipment recommended in the ground shop safe mat. Children in case of falling, you can rely on cushion cushioning and reduce damage.

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