The Swing for Outdoor Playground Park

Date: 2017-04-12 Source: Print Bookmark

For theme amusement park, it always has the outdoor playground equipment/ outdoor fitness equipment/ seesaws/ spring riders/ safety mat/ playground swings. You can see any time the swing people like, not only the kids, the adults also like to play and enjoy the relax time with swing.


Wande Play has so many kinds of playground swing. The traditional U size, the kids and adults can share together. They can play together and communicate with each other during play. The toddler swing seat, for the babies who are behind 3 years. The toddler swing seat like a bag, the parents can put the baby in the toddler swing seat, and push the seat to swag slowly. The 3rd kind of swing is like a basket, it is a circle nest diameter around 1m, they have the steel pipe as the frame, and the special rope with wire inside to knit as a basket nest. You can leave the baby lay on basket nest to swag slowly or you can lay on best together with the baby. For the kids they can play together by themselves. Maybe 2 or 3 kids can play together, or maybe they can only have one person play by themselves and enjoy the sunshine by lay on the nest swing. The 4th one swing like the seesaw, we combined the seesaw as mini size to the swing frame. The 2 babies can seat and hold the handrails and enjoy the swagging by themselves.

The swing is really the top popular playground equipment in amusement park. Without swing, the kids will lose lots of fun in the outdoor playground park.

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