2017 Adventure Castle Venue Design Layout

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In addition to the layout playground equipment, the design of adventure castle need consider a variety of human factors. Therefore, we divide adventure castle into ABCD four ares: A District - parents leisure area, B area - naughty fort open tour area, C area naughty fort electric area and D zone naughty fort parental paradise area. Only combined the four ares perfectly, it will play the biggest advantage of adventure castle.


A District - parents leisure area

This area can occupy 30% of the total area, and t will help parents easily to see the children in the indoor amusement equipment. It can set up in the middle of other three areas, which parents can view children from all angles. Built-in table stool, can be used for recreation and reading, and diet area can not affect children.

B area - naughty fort open tour area

The B area on the right side of the whole, and built a variety of electric toys for children to play, such as coconut trees, pirate ships, small horse and ocean ball pool and other recreational equipment. In this area, there is no space restriction, the children can enjoy it well. Another electric toy can also let the children happy to play.

C area naughty fort electric area

C area is the adventure castle parent-child area, which is usually ordinary naughty fort area. There are dozens of playground facilities that can exercise children physical strength, coordination and intelligence, such as drilling holes, balance bar, playground slide and so on.

D zone naughty fort parental paradise area

D area is comprehensive puzzle area, and this are built-in glass steel sand table, glass steel pond, beach toys, puzzles, building blocks and other classic toys. It can develop children intellectual development and thinking ability, so the children can enjoy these things here!

The playground equipment exercise children strength and agility,  develop children thinking and intelligence, and have a rest area for the parents, which is a very good design.

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