The design of the children playground park

Date: 2017-04-19 Source: Print Bookmark

In the development of modern society, the kids' playground equipment also strengthens, especially for the children in the playground equipment research also imperative. Kids play in the playground equipment not only exercise oneself body, but also cultivate their own social cognitive ability, and is also good for formation kids’ health mind and a character. Of course, on the natural environment protect consciousness and respect is caused. However, Chinese attention and construction levels are still far from all about children recreational facilities, researches are still relatively weak. Through the analysis of its children entertainment facilities development and promotes, corresponding proposed children recreational facilities design features and factors on the previous research, the children recreational facilities and environmental thinking. From children, entertainment, facilities, three aspects respectively for the design of relationship with research provide a systematic method and ideas.


Through different age groups of children cognitive, psychological development research, combining domestic children in the playground facilities investigation and excellent designer design example analysis, probes into the basic facilities of each child elements design, and from children cognitive, psychological development perspective on the entertainment facilities appearance modeling, color composition, material utilization as as well as the scale aspects are briefly analyzed and design practice.

Based on the basic research in the macroscopic level, further sum up its children playground equipment and the basic principle of the design, analysis and discuss playground equipment and its surrounding environment, in order to achieve better relations of coordination.

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