The precautions of passenger playground ropeway

Date: 2017-04-20 Source: Print Bookmark

Playground equipment news:  The precautions of passenger playground ropeway


1. Looking for the "safety inspection qualified" logo, and not take the overdue passenger playground equipment ropeway.

2. Please read "Passenger Information" before riding.

3. Heart disease, high blood pressure, fear of hypertension and mental disorders are not normal, please do not ride, frail, inconvenient and minors ride cable must be accompanied by adults.

4. Listen to the staff command, in order from top to bottom.

5. In the passenger playground equipment ropeway, please sit tightly, do not play slapstick, do not head, hand out the window.

6. Do not swing swing hanger basket, and is strictly prohibited standing on the hanging basket or squatting on the seat.

7. Do not open the hanging fence and the basket.

8. In case of cable failure, please not feel panic, waiting in the original position, pays attention to listening to the radio, waiting for staff to rescue, do not take self-help measures.

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