How Much the Children Outdoor Playground Equipment Should Be Cost?

Date: 2017-04-24 Source: Print Bookmark

The price of children playground equipment has always been the concern of many playground operators, and now more and more operators choose outdoor playground equipment. Whether it is a large playground, or shopping malls, or small children recreational equipment operators, for their own, how to choose their own children play equipment is what they really concerned about.


For the operating costs of investors, we should be based on the size of their own playground to choose their own children play equipment.

1. For the shopping malls, the small, low-priced children play equipment will be more suitable, because it’s usually aim to attract customers, but not to profit through the amusement equipment.

2. The passenger flow volume of large playground is very high, so children play equipment can bring many benefits. We can choose more expensive equipment, this kind of children play equipment are usually more popular among children.

3. To small and medium operators, due to the limited cost of operation, can not buy large-scale children play equipment, so according to their own economic strength to make a choice is a better way.

The price of the appropriate children play equipment will be more suitable for our business, small playground can’t choose large children play equipment, because the price is high, the maintenance costs are high, and will not bring better benefits.

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