Children Playground Equipment Design with Natural Element

Date: 2017-04-27 Source: Print Bookmark

The playground equipment is child's closest playmates during their growth. How to design the playground equipment which children like and help children grow and guides design the games are suitable for children physical and mental health all-round development is particularly important. 


This paper studies the design of children playground equipment have two purposes: First, pay attention to children growth environment, recreation environment, expecting to attract the attention of the society from all fields. Secondly, through analysis and research summary, we try to explore what kind of children playground equipment is fit for children. What kind of children playground equipment can promote and guide the comprehensive and healthy development of body and mind of children.

Our research methods of this article are literature research, questionnaire investigation and so on. Literature research is that we read and study literature about children playground equipment and acknowledge the historical development and present situation of children playground equipment design.

Questionnaire investigation is that we design the survey question according to our study on the children playground equipment, through the questionnaire distributed, fill in the related analysis results and statistical steps such as recycling. Through the analysis and discussion, we come up the following conclusions. First, playground equipment is the partner during children growth, the design of children playground equipment should help children physical, psychological and social three aspects of the comprehensive development. Secondly, design the children playground equipment and layout the game area should pay attention to the children favorite of playground equipment.

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