Children should be aware of the safety guidelines for playground

Date: 2017-05-02 Source: Print Bookmark


(1) When the child playing playground equipment at the venue, do not wear a belt tie or clothes with string on it. Necklaces, strings and backpacks will inadvertently hang on playground equipment, which results in accidents. 

(2) Move the clutter away from the equipment around before the children play outdoor playground equipment, to avoid the children trip over.

(3) If the playground equipment is wet, make it clear that the child can not play, because the damp surface of playground equipment will make these devices more slippery and cause unnecessary danger.

(4) Play in accordance with the normal operating procedures. For example,when playing the swing, do not stand on it. Play slides with correct slide direction, and do not transcend the protective rails to reach the slide.

(5) If the child wants to jump from playground equipment, be sure to let the child make sure there is no other child or items in the middle of the road. When the child jumps, the kid can touch the ground with feet, and knees slightly bend.

(6) When playing slides, swings, climbing racks, seesaw and other outdoor play equipment, do not play fight or push others.

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