Design elements of playground equipment

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(1) the principle of safety

Children are vulnerable groups, in the design of children amusement equipment can not but put security issues in the first place. The location of children playground equipment should be as close as possible to the road and the more chaotic, complex public places, and can not let the children recreational equipment and the surrounding scene lost contact, as the visual dead ends, to prevent the vehicle, the crime of children threat, such as nails, bolts and on on. Squeeze points, sharp edges and sharp corners may access to the child's head and fingers. In addition to the safety of children play equipment, and prevent children from danger.

(2) child-based principles

Children play equipment should be designed to serve children for the purpose, all kinds of space design and game method should be suitable for children characteristics, due to the height of children and adults have a significant gap, some suitable for adult operation of the toy are very difficult. Therefore, in the design of children, must face the children in the field walking, running, climbing and crawling eyesight vision and body standards.

(3) the principle of entertaining

Children play equipment should take into account the needs of diversity, the design should be integrated, diversity, common sense and fun in one, for children to create creative, natural, full-featured toys in one, and given a certain cultural inner, so that the scene there is "entertaining" hidden dip, so that children in the play in the growth of common sense.

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