The importance of children recreational equipment fence

Date: 2017-05-05 Source: Print Bookmark

Now many children playground equipment are placed in the sky, so each amusement equipment will be equipped with a fence. The fence is to improve the children in the play when more secure.


We all know that the fence plays an important role to prevent children recreational facilities from danger, in the course of running away from the equipment too close to the risk of rubbing. As children play equipment products are very popular with children friends, children self-control is relatively low, they do not know to prevent danger, in other tourists play ride will be involuntary close, so it is very dangerous, so children recreational facilities products. The guardrail is very necessary when setting up.

In addition, the fence of children recreational facilities also has the effect of guiding the tourists into the playground. In the place where the traffic flow is relatively large, the setting of the guardrail shows its necessity, which can guide the visitors to enter the site according to the instructions and avoid the congestion. Children recreational facilities the height of the guardrail is generally around 1 meter 2, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations.

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