Outdoor Playground Equipment Business is Developing Rapidly

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Outdoor Playground Equipment Business is Developing Rapidly

Nanjing Wande Play Facilities will introduce combination slide to you, and they are very suitable for lively occasions. Ranger facilities safe and durable structure, our slides have clever design, color harmony, the various components of plastic clever combination. It can give children a safe, happy and lively feeling. It is a set of fitness and entertainment as one, according to the kids' interests and hobbies carefully designed a variety of different styles, which is a new type of comprehensive children paradise.


Its aimed at children like to drill, climb. Slide and other design are colorful, full-featured, reliable quality. The complete set of facilities includes doors, bridges, slides, roofs, stairs, platforms, columns, ladders, slides and ropes. All slides are fastened and no sharp objects protrude on each surface. Have a number of models and a variety of color options; can also be based on customer needs for personalized design, production. This product is colorful, easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear, fastness, anti-aging, anti-cracking, safe and durable structure. Playground equipment design, color harmony, the various components give the child a safe, joyful and lively feeling.

The playground slide from the unique and ever-changing game design, so that playgrounds, kindergartens, communities create unlimited joy and attraction, fashion style, generous, high-end in limited space.

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