What needs to be spending if investing a playground?

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Playground equipment news:  What needs to be spending if investing a playground?

To invest in a playground, fund is a major issue needs to pay attention to! In the view of capital project, investment in a playground has two major items, respectively, for the early funds and late funds.


1. Pre-investment funds

A.Site rent, simple renovation costs. 

B.The cost of purchasing playground equipment. 

C.Before the opening of the advertising investment, for tickets, membership cards and others.

D. Business license and related business procedures for the cost.

2. The latter part of the investment funds

A. Usually cleaning costs, if the small size can be their own clean, weekly or regular to find someone clean once. 

B. The usual equipment maintenance costs, the general supplier will provide a certain period of free maintenance costs. The operator should pay attention to service contracts, otherwise the manufacturers do not admit there is no way.

C. The late increase in new playground equipment costs, with the improvement of business, to constantly update the new equipment. There is no newest playground equipment, then the passenger will be continuously decreasing.

D. Electricity, fire, equipment maintenance and so on. If the funds are sufficient, you can install the camera in the field. It is easy to manage, but also effective anti-theft.

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