Playground equipment encountered danger, do not panic, be calm

Date: 2017-05-13 Source: Print Bookmark

With the arrival of the summer vacation, major playground park, playground business is more and more popular. Playground park in the large playground equipment is safe, the public is most concerned about the problem. How to identify a place of playground equipment is standardized operation, take a large playground equipment should be how to ensure their own safety?


Formal large-scale playground equipment, must be verified by the corresponding large-scale recreational facilities inspection unit qualified to be put into use. The public in front of the ride, should provide the certificate of inspected department issued by the inspection mark. In addition, the operators of recreational facilities, should also have the appropriate qualifications, holders of posts, the public can pay attention to checking whether they wear at work time qualification certificate.

The operation of the recreational facilities uses units, and it is also important to regulate the rule of recreational facilities. For example, there is no need to set the necessary safety precautions and warning signs, and the venue is crowded, protective equipment is safe and reliable, complete. It can be seen a playground management level. If the management disorder, these playground facilities will have security risks.

When playing recreational facilities, people should follow the guidance of the site staff. Before playing, should be required to fasten the seat belt, buckle the locking device, do not cross the railings or through the cordon. Before the facility is not completely stopped, do not go up and down playground equipment.

However, due to improper use of equipment or maintenance is not in place and other reasons, playground equipment may be running in the failures. These faults can cause the occupant to be trapped in the air or in the equipment compartment, and the occupant will inevitably panic.

"After the failure of the playground facilities, it is important to keep calm, do not take dangerous actions by panic, and wait patiently for the rescue." 

Some passengers are in a panic and may unfasten the seat-belt, open the security bar, or even try to the air jump to escape, these actions are very dangerous, most likely cause more damage.

It is reported that the recreational facilities have security device. Therefore, the emergence of equipment failure, to maintain calm, following the guidance is the best choice. 

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