In addition to funds, what other precautions need pay attention to for investing a playground?

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Excluding the capital budget factors, when investing in a playground, you should mainly consider two aspects: site selection and security.

The section is certainly most important; and then to integrate people, people's spending power and so on. In addition to some parks, large playground, in general, children and teenagers mainly go and play in some small and medium-sized playgrounds, like adventure castle, carousel, water playground equipment and so on. Children playgrounds are ideal for places where people live, or densely populated areas such as shopping centers, malls.


Security issues must be seriously considered, and must not cut corners.

1. Site selection considerations: Flow, land prices, government policy, the surrounding environment, the public need, peer competition and the most important is based on your funds. 

2. Combined with the local flow and the actual consumption levels, the playground can be positioned as the theme park, children playground, the public's leisure and entertainment places.

3. Using qualified playground equipment, and do a good job for maintenance and regular inspection. 

A. Playground equipment must meet the safety standards and legal norm, and should pass the inspection by the related agencies. It is strictly forbidden to use playground equipment which is being overhauled, unqualified, or overdue. 

B. Permeation, management, maintenance personnel should undergo a rigorous training assessment.

4. There must be contingency plans, such as sudden equipment power outages, equipment failure and so on, and other unforeseen accident factors.

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