How to choose the suitable playground equipment for your children?

Date: 2017-05-24 Source: Print Bookmark

Playground equipment not only let children enjoy the joy, but also play a positive role on their healthy growth, but, not every playground equipment is suitable for all the children, then how to choose the appropriate playground equipment for your children?


First of all, depending on the child’s character, if it is a lively child, parents can choose a static playground equipment, such as desktop puzzle toys. If the child is more moving, you can choose like naughty fort, slides and other recreational facilities. If the child is introverted, you can choose a more dynamic playground equipment, so you can let the introverted children become lively.

Second, look at the child's age, children under the age of two generally speak unclear, walking unstable, no self-protection awareness, you can choose building blocks, pictures and dolls, etc., this will stimulate the child to speak; three to six years old. The children are more active, hands and feet are not flexible, you can choose playground slides, climbing, children playground and other facilities; six to twelve-year-old children can choose the intellectual point of the game, such as the expansion of paradise, adventure facilities and the like.

In general, the sales season for large children playground equipment is generally starting from the spring. Because many devices have to be installed after the installation and commissioning, and the weather is gradually warming, adults are beginning to go out with children to play. While the child’s curiosity drives them to always want to try new toys, new tricks. So, this also brings large children playground equipment season. The major playground began to order children playground equipment. 

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