Some tips for child when playing outdoor playground equipment

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Swing and acceleration activities

Playground equipment are naughty castle in the swing slide, swing machine, electric toys and so on. After the baby can sit tight, you can ride some riders, take electric toys or playground slide , by a lot of acceleration and sudden deceleration to provide vestibular system to stimulate the child's nerve path smooth. 3 years old but also let him swing, slide and sit down and drop the train, so that they feel the speed increase or decrease, access to endless fun.

Anti-gravity and balanced activities

The activities of this equipment are climbing slide, inflatable Fort, naughty fort and so on. Against the gravity, is the growth of animals on earth to survive one of the instincts. Infants and young children also need from a variety of game activities, learning to determine their relationship with the ground, to establish a sense of balance, and the formation of visual space concept.

Rotational activities. Equipment to turn the horse, rail trains and so on

Most of the children like people holding the rotation, but some children are afraid of rotation, this is because his brain can not be adapted to the rotation stimulus results. So, with children who are afraid of rotating children play kindergarten slides, do not force them to play too fast to play the game, but should play a large curvature of the rotation, slow rotation of the game, such as sitting rail trains, so that their vestibular system adjustment function .The opportunity to slowly strengthen. Like to rotate the child, you can let them play these spin activities. As for the children who are particularly fond of spinning, their vestibular system is not enough to respond to stimulating inputs, so that they can take a quick spin, so that the dull vestibular system gets a stronger stimulus and helps to normalize.

Outdoor playground equipment is a good place to cultivate children emotional intelligence. 

It not only has a lot of toys for children to play, the children are free to choose toys, but also and other children, Mom and Dad interaction. Through the naughty fort, sand pool and a series of children park equipment can cultivate children curiosity and explore the spirit; by playing with other children can cultivate children self-control and teamwork awareness; through interaction with parents can enhance the child and parents feeling.

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