How to identify high quality playground equipment?

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Now there is a lot of large-scale playground equipment, large playground equipment needs to be positioned, then how to locate large playground equipment? What are the requirements for positioning?


1. The theme of the playground accurate positioning so that you can make recreational equipment diversification, the establishment of theme playground park, more to promote the interaction of tourists and playground equipment, only to do a better interaction in order to play the role of the largest playground equipment.

2. The large-scale playground equipment to carry out regular forms of recreational equipment, the basic fun of the same function, but the shape of children playground equipment to carry out some changes and experience changes. So that people play in the playground every time not the same, arouse people's curiosity, there may be an unexpected harvest.

So how can we identify high-quality playground equipment in so many playground equipment?

First, look at the age range, the general recreational facilities will be used in the instructions marked the scope of application, and according to the child's age and choose.

Second, look at the warning signs of playground equipment, before riding must see warning signs, to avoid unnecessary danger occurred.

Third, look at the validity period, some products must be used within the validity period, and to avoid the use of expired products.

Fourth, look at the use of methods, complex products will have a detailed description and precautions, in the purchase should pay attention to this point.

Fifth, refused three non-products, in the purchase of children play equipment, be sure to see all the documents are standardized.

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