Do you how to promote children outdoor playground?

Date: 2017-06-01 Source: Print Bookmark

Nowadays, the child's spending occupies family spent, which makes many investors enter into children playground equipment industry. After looking for the market, how to promote outdoor playground is a big problem? Here, Wande Play give you some methods.


1. Making some brochure to promote your outdoor playground equipment, and then hire some people to promote the advertisement page at large shopping malls, supermarkets, schools and so on.

2. The target of children playground is students, so we can ask kindergarten or elementary school children, classmates to the outdoor playground to experience amusement equipment freely. Playing is the child’s talent, if the child enjoy playground equipment, they will certainly want to play it again. 

3. You can carry out some welfare activities, such as send some little gift, or free membership cards and so on. Some professional kindergarten staff give some interesting game. It can attract child’s eyes.

4. Of course, you can cooperate with supermarket, which send 5$ vouchers  and membership cards if shopping, so it can reach the role of mutual benefit.

5. Therefore, a variety of activities is also very necessary. It not only affect the cost, but also be able to promote the role of children outdoor playground.

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