Wande Play New product - Original Ecological Forest Series

Date: 2016-08-25 Source: Print Bookmark

This playground equipment is our new products:Original Ecological Forest Series,it is installed at the foot of the mountain,matching the surrounding environment.


The playground we design can meet the various mental requirements of the children.All games are full of excitements and challengers and is suitable for the children to participate,compete and discover.

Also the playground equipment has slide,climbing,cartoon panel,tunnel slide,roof etc,while playing,kids can exercise their ability of climbing,balance and coperation,The colorful design make keep a beautiful world the their heart,its very helpful for their future growth.

We are recognized  the importance of the forest,the trees take in CO2,release O2,and accommodate the temperature and humidity.when playing on the forest series play equipment,the kids will learn to value and protect the environment.