Rocket Outdoor Playground equipment at Thailand

Date: 2016-08-25 Source: Print Bookmark

Thailand is the most beautiful country I like. It’s famous of the beautiful scenery and the delicious food. The nice beaches for Phuket Island/ Samui Island/ Pattaya with the blue sky and the clean sea. The octopus/ crabs/ colorful fishes/ corals etc. make the sea so attractive and charming. When the night time, the boat light for attracting the octopus. People can rent the boat and fishing too.

泰国工程实例12 Rocket Outdoor Playground equipment at Thailand.jpg

The family and foreigners like to enjoy their life and relax at Thailand. Parents like to take kids together to swim and play sands near the beaches. Our agent at Thailand who make many successful project for outdoor playground for kids near the beaches. The most popular is the rocket series. The multi color is according to the favorite colors which kids like, the function spiral slide, tunnel slide, single slide, climbing ladder, the climbing rope for challenging the kids, it makes kids happy and fun like in the space.

Let's just go to Thailand and enjoy the rocket playground