Wonga Beach Outdoor playground

Date: 2016-08-24 Source:Wande Play Print Bookmark

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On Aug 6th, kids from Wonga Beach school hold an opening ceremony for their newly built fantastic outdoor playground. They prepared small flanges and balloons to decorate the game structure, the smiles on their face tells people around how much the kids love the playground. The local newspaper Gazette release a report on the ceremony. Let us get to know how the playground comes.

Wonga Beach school planed to develop their own playground for all kids in this school at earlier 2016 year, this idea get many support from parents and school volunteers. A research has been done among students about what kind of outdoor playground they want. The ideas including, “colorful as the rainbow” “Interesting and challenging ” “Must have the slide” “I love spider net” “Monkey bar is my favorite” “Could we have fire pole, fireman is so cool” etc. The president does not want to disappoint any kids, and most important he need to make sure the playground should be absolutely safe. After consulting many suppliers, luckily he found Wande Play who could combines all the factors into one outdoor playground equipment and apply to local safety standard.

The job start from 3D designing, by revising and revising 05 times, finally they got the color most clients dreaming of! Also with multi functions as Climbing net, Lily pads, spiral slide, disc climber, rainbow bridge, crawl tunnel, double slide, monkey bar etc. There are also carton factors on the panels and tree roofs, make the whole play system very vivid. For the safety consideration, at the slide exit and monkey bar, they put the rubber tile for cushion. Upon design confirmation, kids wait for around half month to get the playground equipment been produced and shipped to their school. Besides the professional installation workers, teachers, students, parents and volunteers also participate in the assembling procedure. Follow the specific installation manual and drawing, kid helped to find the screws workers needed and also tried on how to lock the nut. With their great efforts, the playground been set up within two days. The kids cannot help to play on the game until very late that day.


Why outdoor playground equipment is so popular to Wonga Beach kids? We could see that the key point is the playground makes what they dreamed come true. Kids have their imagination and favor functions, the adults and parents only need to respect it and help turn it into reality. Last but not least, to have the experts on designing, producing and assembling to ensure the outdoor playground safety enough to kids! Wish more clients could get their play system as what they like.