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who is the guardian of outdoor gym equipment?

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Due to the difference of environment and frequency of use,  indoor and outdoor fitness equipment have different characteristics completely.

Outdoor fitness equipments are usually exposured to the wind and rain or any other outdoor environment, they require not only good character of anti-loose, water resistance, but also the security of the equipment surface, high quality requirements, can not appear paint, rust and other phenomena.

“National Fitness Route ' was born in China, spawned a number of of domestic enterprises research and product outdoor fitness equipment. Whether it is technology or standard, is the leader in the world.

Particularly national mandatory standards "fitness equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, General requirements for safety" (GB19272-2003) the implementation of the 2003, Some re-quality large enterprises has grown up 

From a global perspective, outdoor fitness equipment, excellent quality of China-made, the new structure, the principles of exercise science, products exported to Southeast Asia, Korea, Europe and even other countries. According to statistics, our large outdoor fitness equipment on the market are all made in China.

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