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Community fitness equipment

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The outdoor fitness path, decorates the modern city, providing convenience for national fitness anytime, anywhere. But it must be used scientifically, otherwise, it will be counterproductive. It is necessary to move the body and to avoid injury, and achieve the best of both worlds to achieve the goal of fitness. The common name of outdoor fitness equipment is community fitness equipment, also known as outdoor fitness park equipment.



Stretching type outdoor fitness equipment


The equipment setting in outdoor fitness equipment is aimed at the general public, and its universality makes it simple, easy to learn, and quick to take effect. But it is a device after all. You need to master the essentials of the operation. When you exercise, you should proceed step by step. Don't be aggressive and competitive, to achieve the harmony and unity of the human body and the device. In this way, sports injuries caused by blind operations can be effectively avoided. The shape, structural design, static load capacity, stability, safety warnings, outdoor fitness equipment installation and site requirements, electrical safety, etc. of the "fitness path" The aspect stipulates clear standards to ensure safe use.

As the elderly grow older, their body composition has undergone great changes, such as reduced muscle mass, resulting in decreased muscle strength and muscular endurance. Many elderly people lose confidence in the ability to use outdoor fitness equipment to exercise, so they use outdoor fitness equipment to exercise less and less. In addition, the life of most elderly people is dominated by a static life. They like to sit, drink tea, and play chess. After a long time, they don’t want to move, even if they use outdoor fitness equipment to exercise. People who do not exercise for a long time gradually decline in their physical fitness, which causes various chronic diseases. Therefore, the rational use of outdoor fitness equipment is very important.

Stretching type outdoor fitness equipment

There are ribbed wood frames, horizontal bars, and other leg-pressing bar equipment. This type of exercise does not recommend that the elderly desperately press their legs or lift their legs high to press. High pressure does not mean health. It is recommended that the maximum should not be over the shoulder.

You must also be very careful when using the lower waist trainer, because the elderly have less water in the muscles and soft tissues, and some elderly people have osteoporosis, which can damage the lumbar spine.

Tip 1:

(1) Lifting the leg too high when pressing the leg will threaten the femoral head and spine of the elderly.

(2) Try not to use a waist extension trainer.

Today, Outdoor Fitness Equipment has been well developed. And the intelligence of Outdoor Fitness Equipment is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different Outdoor Fitness Equipment from different suppliers. Whether it is Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. outdoor Fitness Equipment is an ideal choice.


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