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  • Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment
    Get children moving with our fantastic range of Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment. At Combination fitness, we love coming up with brand new innovative ways to get children involved in exercise. Our outdoor fitness equipment for children range is just the solution. It provides hours of both fun and exercise for our nation’s children.
    When used as part of a full outdoor gym, our Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment can provide a full body workout. This will also help to improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Making it the perfect way to aid physical development.
    Browse our full range of Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment below. Or contact one of our trained advisers for more information on how to create your very own outdoor fitness area for children.
    Children Outdoor Fitness
  • Fairy Tale Series
    Fairy tale series provides a fantasy world full of stories. It invites children to use their imagination and play in the wonderlands of their imagination. This series integrates a variety of functions such as rotating slides, drilling cylinders, climbing nets, bridges, etc. It is full of excitement and fun. It can exercise the hand, shoulder and body muscles to enhance comprehensive development.
    Wande playground adopts galvanized steel, Zinc powder & AKZO Nobel-Great Wall powder, they are with better anti-rust performance, environment-friendly, UV resistant, colorful, difficult to break down and have smooth and slippery surface. The plastic parts adopt LLDPE which imported from Korea and reach edible level, top safety. The rope adopts marine navigation cable, with the diameter of 16mm, and the core is chrome-plated steel wire with jacket hose. It helps guaranty children’s safety while enjoy the happiness
    Choose Wande playground, let children grow happily like a fairy tale!
  • Fitness Equipment
    Scientific research on sports and human bodies has shown that elderly people regular participation in physical exercise can strengthen the body, delay the decline of sensory function and maintain a high level of intelligence.
    Wande Group combines the physical functions of the elderly to develop different kind of fitness equipment to meet the needs of the elderly people exercise, enhance their cardiorespiratory function, body balance and flexibility of the limb muscle groups. 
  • Senior and Handicap Fitness Equipment
    Senior and Handicap Fitness Equipment
    With the in-depth development of comprehensive fitness in China, this scientific concept of health is more and more recognized by the elderly, and physical exercise has become their most basic health need.
  • Rotating-Seat
    Rotating Seat
    The rotating seat is a very popular play device of Wande group. The design and shape is inspired by the cocoons in the nature. It can have different color combinations to make it closer to nature and the surrounding environment. 
Wande Playgroung Swing
  • Swinging can make people relax, exercise their body and will, and cultivate courage. It has become a special activity for children, which is often found near the playground of kindergartens and elementary schools, or in parks and amusement parks.

    Wande products always give top priority to safety. From the strength of the swing stand, anti-drop height, safe space distance, dynamic load test, etc., it is designed and produced according to a strict safety standard system to ensure that children are not accidentally injured during play.

    The designers opened their minds and designed swings with different styles and unique features. The small swing carries Wande's encouragement and advocacy for innovation, inspiring the designer's creativity and inner artistic genes.
    Swing, once brought us the fun of imagining traveling through the sky as a child. These innovative designs evoke beautiful memories and give the swing a new life with the power of design art.
    When swings of various styles are intertwined, people of different ages can find good memories of childhood. Here, there is no generation gap, only pleasant play and play.
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