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Wande Group, founded in 1986, after three decades of development, has become the country's leading scientific  playground & fitness campaign solutions provider, with headquarters in Nanjing, and there are 4  subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing. Services include: the overall solution of children's playground, outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, climbing rope net, joints exercise equipment, sports equipment, sports venues, sports parks, cage sports field, obstacle running, simulated ice rink and other series.


Products include: the overall solution of children's playground, outdoor fitness equipment, indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground equipment, climbing rope net, joints exercise equipment, leisure equipment, sports equipment, sports venues, sports parks, cage sports field, obstacle running, simulated ice rink and other series.
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
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We have an efficient marketing and after-sales service team to provide our global customers with high quality products and satisfaction after-sales service.

We have also passed the inspections of various professional institutions and obtained corresponding certifications. Our products are safe and quality guaranteed. Our partner come from over 80 countries, including UK, MEXIO, south africa, france, spain, italy, japan, korea and singapore etc, also some well known companiness in domestic market


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    How to use community fitness equipment

    The outdoor fitness equipment for the community is well used for fitness, and improper use often becomes "damaging". Therefore, while enjoying the convenience brought by community fitness equipment, people must master the essentials of movement, how to use outdoor fitness equipment correctly,

    30 09 2021
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    How to understand the importance of outdoor fitness?

    Outdoor fitness equipment, there is a professional name, called outdoor path. In the outdoor installation of fixed, for people to exercise fitness equipment and facilities.

    28 09 2021
  • Mutifunctional-Galvanized-Outdoor-Fitness-Equipment-with-Upper-and-Lower-Body-Warm-up-Wd-QC99400-640-640.jpg

    How to treat outdoor fitness equipment correctly?

    Outdoor fitness equipment is mainly aimed at adults. A few parks have installed swings and seesaws. However, even if children play in these facilities, parents should take care of them to prevent danger.

    26 09 2021
  • Multi-Functional-Combination-Outdoor-Fitness-Equipment-with-Wd-Zq0030-640-640.jpg

    Do you know anything about outdoor fitness?

    From 1991 to 2017, China's outdoor fitness equipment has gone through several revisions of national standards. With the arrival of China's aging society, outdoor fitness equipment has a history of more than 20 years from its appearance to now.

    22 09 2021
  • WD-400-400.jpg

    Do you know about outdoor fitness equipment?

    Outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for use by multiple age groups. For residents or tourists, fitness equipment provides a way of fitness that is different from the paid service of gyms. Outdoor fitness equipment is easy to use and does not require personal fitness trainers.

    20 09 2021

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