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Equipment Materials

How Outdoor Playground Equipment Material Affect Children’s Health

There are many types of material for children's outdoor playground equipment, and different materials contain different elements. Some of the material are not health at all. To protect kids from the potential dangerous,we must analyze different materials and the damages those material may cause.
So, what are the effects of different material may influence on children's health?
1.Woody material. This wooden outdoor playground equipment is relatively healthy, green non-toxic, it is safe for kids to play on; Only question is that wood may got corrosion after several years using, need to inspect about the structure strength every 03 months.
2.Rubber material. Good rubber material is not toxic, but some low-quality rubber  will have a very big harm; Many outdoor playground equipment comes with rubber tile as ground, make sure the rubber is qualified, otherwise it is dangerous to kids.
3.Metal material. children's outdoor playground equipment, processing equipment requirements is very important, if the processing is not good, then there will be hard edges and corners. The edges is very dangerous for children’s safety, if kids crash on the edges, that will cause by trouble.
Above all, when we choose outdoor playground equipment, we must choose the qualified material ones. We need to make sure, the playground bring kids happy and joy, not harm or dangerous.

Main Materials

1. Plastic parts: UV Resistance LLDPE
2. Post: Galvanized steel posts
3. Metals: Galvanized steel
4. Deck, stair, bridge: Steel with rubber covered
5. Fasteners: Aluminium alloy
6. Screw: 304 Stainless Steel
(Different material is available at your demand.)
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