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Wande all age intelligent sports park is a sports park characterized by all age coverage, intelligent service,thematic scenarios and international standards. Based on the concept of all population do science exercises, The service targets are all age groups including children,teenagers,middle-aged people and the disabled .The park’s planning and designing are taking into considerations of each group physical characteristics ,functional and motor developments as well as psychological and social interaction. With “Mobile Internet+Sports Interest Theme+Fitness Cloud Experts” as the core connotation,We will be able to provide scientific fitness cloud guide,musical intelligent track,physical health monitoring and fitness equipment maintenance management.

Dongyue sports park in Bishan,Chongqing City

The Dongyue sports park is the largest and the only park with the theme of all-age welcomed in Bishan,Chongqing City, which ingeniously integrates ecological garden with physical fitness .It has attracted great attention since it officially put into use in September 2017. Now Dongyue sports park has become a model for sports parks across the country.

Chongqing Bishan District Fengxiang Lake Children’s Park

The biggest children’s theme park of unpowered recreation facilities in China
Named for its location in Fengxiang Lake and covering more than 800 Mu, Fengxiang Lake Children’s Park sets its theme on children's entertainment, takes the farming and reading culture as the background color, integrates amusement, popular science and landscape and consists of sixteen theme areas. Combining the ecological, cultural and landscape elements of the park, Nanjing Wande Group personalized the entire project and has built seven theme areas of Aerial Exploration, Sand Pool, Bell Tower, Ball Tower Area, Sailing Ship Area, Water World and Puppet Adventure according to local conditions, making the amusement equipment perfectly integrate into the park's greening and water body and creating a space for children to enjoy playing.All the theme areas are based on children’s fun and make the dreams come true.

Shanghai OCT Happy Valley Paradise

Shanghai Happy Valley. Cookie Sheriff Children's Paradise, the project covers an area of about 4.8 acres, officially put into use in February 2019.
It is a themed customized park created by Nanjing Wande Group, cooperating with well-known amusement scenic spots, The park focus on Happy Valley theme IP image “Cookie Sheriff”. The overall color is bright and the shape is novel and interesting. The well-known theme park designed by Nanjing Wande Group has become a major breakthrough in the field of theme park,it opened the door to cooperate with well-known theme parks and became a representative business card in the theme park area.

Wande Product Show: The Mexico-Campeche city

The video about Campeche, Mexico is here! This time let us experience this seaside amusement park from a dynamic perspective.
This is a beautiful port city, and our project is located in this seaside park. Slides, spring rider, seesaw and large non-standard wooden equipment make up this rich children's playground;
The big whale swims between the sea and the blue sky, adding a little brilliance to the beautiful coastline. The slideshow in the fairy tale town brings each child into their dreamy world.

The Multi-functional Fitness Equipment in Dominica

This is a very practical multifunctional outdoor fitness equipment, you can find almost anything you want on it, such as: Stretcher, Monkey Bar, Chin up, Vertical Ladder, Rope Climber(Big Gap), Abdomen Training, Crawl Net, Triangle, Step Training, Supine, Parallel Bare, Stretcher(Vertical), etc.
Strength training can not only build muscle groups, but also strengthen muscle groups, help to build a strong body, effectively reduce body fat content,reduce the risk of sports injury due to improper exertion, and help to cultivate and enhance concentration. Be confident and improve your habits.
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