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Manufacturing Process

Research & development

With a global view Nanjing Wande Group, took the lead in technological research and development strength in the country through the exchange and cooperation with the top experts in the global industry and continuous innovation
The Group hired Disneyland technology consultant, psychology doctor of University of Cambridge, senior preschool child education experts as resident advisors for the company, also hired British and Spanish designers to join the R & D team, and cooperated in a long-term manner with the world's father of aerobic exercise -Cooper team of experts.And it also has China Provincial Engineering Research Center and municipal enterprise technology center.

R & D team          

Planning & design

The Planning and Design Department is a brand-new functional department established during the transformation of the Group. With its professional concept of "innovation, responsibility, unity and dedication", the Planning and Design Department wholeheartedly serves its customers. The design business covers dozens of countries including Asia, Europe and North America.
At present, Nanjing Wande Group absorbed and introduced the world's outstanding planning and design team, including designers from Taiwan, North America, Europe and other countries and regions , striving to provide a full range of creative solutions to customers from the project ideas, project design, content customization, system integration,etc. and fully combining the theme, the scene, the original subject matter to extract the story line, and then transformed into the performance of the sports park project for presenting, with different stories taking different forms of projects and adopting personalized customization.


Manufacturing Capability

Nanjing Wande Group has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, in accordance with the layout of lean production mode, can quickly carry out the processing of a number of varieties of products; adopting standardized technological process,and conducting quality control during the process of each procedure;the operator conduct production operations based on Standard Operation Guide, and make records of key process parameters.
Use laser cutting machine, three-dimensional CNC pipe bending machine, welding robot, automatic electrostatic powder coating production line, 3-coordinates measuring instrument, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, automatic shot blasting machine, air compressor and other advanced processing equipment to continuously improve manufacturing efficiency and quality to meet growing business needs.
Over 90% of the Group's products finish the surface coating of the products through automatic spraying lines. In particular, the achievement of 100% spraying line operation on equipment coating, which not only improves our spraying efficiency, but also the quality level can be counted on one's fingers.
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