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ALL Age Intelligent Sport Park

outdoor playground        Sports park

Wande Sports Park consists of four target population exercise areas: children, teenage, elderly people and disabled, including 11 refinement function areas and 2 testing areas, integratedly developing the cardiopulmonary function, improving strength, stamina, speed, flexibility and agility.

The use of "Internet +" concept creates a new pattern sports park, with"wireless WIFI", "music fitness", "equipment maintenance intelligent management" and other emerging technology applications, relying on the support of background health expert system, thus to achieve scientific fitness cloud guidance and intelligent management of sports park.  

Intelligent Recreation Fitness Solution

Sports park    Sports park

As the first TüV-certified amusement brand in China, the first unit to obtain a license for a small amusement facility manufacturing unit, Nanjing Wande Group's Smart Amusement Fitness Solution is dedicated to providing a project design, product manufacturing and installation to operation management. Stationary children's play solution. Create personalized theme parks according to local conditions, and integrate amusement equipment into different types of projects such as kindergartens, shopping malls, parks, theme parks, ecological farms, communities, tourist attractions, and urban gardens.


Intelligent  ice and snow sports solution

Intelligent ice and snow sports     Intelligent ice and snow sports
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Detachable 
  • Run with No Energy 
  • Dense molecular structure, self-lubricating repair ability, creating excellent ice experience


Intelligent Campus Sports Solution

Intelligent Campus Sports     Intelligent Campus Sports

The Obstacle Race project is a comprehensive fitness training system for the school physical education, the college entrance examination, the national defense education, the youth outreach training,  interesting and competitive. Providing a on-off line, end-to-end solutions, the system combines the traditional outdoor fitness equipment, intelligent wearable equipment, large data cloud computing, scientific expert algorithms and a series of leading-edge technology, can provide a comprehensive movement information collection , analysis, reporting, and professional sports intervention and feedback during exercises.


Intelligent Service and Management Solution

Intelligent Service and Management    Intelligent Service and Management
The National Fitness Program (2016-2020) issued by the State Council clearly proposes to strengthen the national fitness technology innovation. Undoubtedly, intelligent management and service that is based on the "Internet +" boom is one of the important directions for technological innovation in the fitness industry.
The intelligent service and management solutions provided by Nanjing Wande Group are based on advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and mobile internet, and bring personalized, scientific and intelligent sports experience to the national fitness. It mainly includes intelligent sports equipment, national fitness smart sports APP, stadium intelligent, intelligent consulting service, facility cloud management system, information release system associated with sports people, environmental detection system, passenger flow monitoring system, etc. The solution provides both visual data analysis and reporting.


Intelligent Community Fitness Solution

Intelligent Community Fitness     Intelligent Community Fitness
  • Physical measure board area
  • Strength fitness area
  • Flexible fitness area
  • Aerobic fitness area
  • Comprehensive fitness area
  • Ball sports area
  • Fitness intelligence track

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