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— Forest Series

Spring is here, flowers are in bloom. They playfully hide in the forest, in the fairy tale. Add “newness” to amusement, let children always play in spring time. Classic equipment style with clear color of spring, eye-catching and bright. No matter where they are, children can see them at a glance and be attracted to the TUV certification comes from strict requirements for quality. Appearance, structure, safety factor, even more you love.

The safety dimension is extremely important for the play equipment, which will be clearly pointed out when we design and install the play equipment.


The recreational facilities we design are participatory and challenging, which can satisfy children’s psychological needs of curiosity, emulation, and exploration. All activities are full of challenges and can meet the various requirements of letting children to participate, compete, and explore.


Cartoons are best friends of children. When children plays in the cartoon character recreational facilities, they learn to share happiness and to treat their lovely animal friends kindly.

Projects Of  TUV Forest Playground
Our outdoor playground equipment products are well knowed all around the world
How To Install TUV Forest Playground?
I. Surface-fix type
Assemble of the platform
1) determine the platform height, the fasteners installed in the appropriate column height
2) carried the platform to the appropriate height , then fix platform with fasteners (see picture)
II. Columns Vertical correction
Check and correct the vertical of columns by Spirit level.
III. Components assemble
1. Assemble of Panel                          5. Assemble of Channel
2. Assemble of Stair                            6. Assemble of steel railings
3. Assemble of Slide                           7. Assemble of horizontal climbs
4. Assemble of climbs                        8. Assemble of Roof
IV. Post fixed by Anchor bolts
The diameter of the hole should be the same as the thickness of the expansion tube; The punching depth is about 5 mm deeper than the length of the expansion tube.

TUV Forest Playground ---Safety Check list & Warranty

  • Notes after compete the installation:
    1. Meet the requirements of the safe range shown in picture 1 to ensure that sites;
    2. Ensure structural integrity, seamless installation, deletion and so on;
    3. Ensure there is no squeeze, cut, hook, wound and other injuries;
    4. Ensure that at least two or more separate entrance for an adult to enter inside the device to help children use or rescue;
    5. After installation should be thoroughly clean up the site, must follow the EN1176 standard in spection before it can be delivered.
    6. Within the installation area ,any barrier that hinder children normal activity not allowed appear.
    7. Within the drop space ,not allowed appear any barrier like branch ,electric wire and so on .
    8. Children not allowed enter into the playground during the products maintenance period.
    9. The approach of screwbolt.
    10. The dimensions of components which must be control after installed and the requirements of connection components .
  • One-year Free warranty and lifetime maintenance"  
    With regard to Quality assurance and after-sales service,  according to our company's policy, all equipments warrant for one year. 
    During the year, owing to natural damage , which appear in the using process and is not maliciously man-made destruction. our company will provide the corresponding components free of charge; Beyond one year, for replaced parts, components need to charge at cost.
    Noted: All the fees of freight are in buyer's account.

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All the forest series products have passed TUV inspection and have got TUV, ISO, NSCC certification etc.
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