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Wande Group, founded in 1986, after three decades of development, has become the country's leading scientific fitness campaign solutions provider, with headquarters in Nanjing, and there are 4  subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing. Services include: the overall solution of children's playground, fitness equipment, leisure equipment, sports equipment, sports venues, sports parks, cage sports field, obstacle running, simulated ice rink and other series.


Wenzhou Wande Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1986, mainly providing design and solution for children's outdoor playground equipment and toys.


Established Shenzhen Wande Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. manufacturing center


Established Hong Kong Wande Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. The products are exported to the UK, the US and the EU, and are fully involved in foreign trade 


Created Shanghai Wande Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Global R&D Center


Started to get involved in outdoor fitness equipment, and reached strategic cooperation with Vanke, Country Garden, Agile and other real estate developers, involved in the surrounding construction of real estate.
The manufacturing base was relocated to Lishui District, Nanjing, covering an area of 200 mu, and Nanjing Wande Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd was established.


Focus on entering the domestic fitness equipment market. In April, passed the world's largest and most authoritative technical inspection standards, SÜD TÜV certification and GS certification


Wande was awarded the “Best Innovation Award” and the “Popular Love Award” by the General Sports Department of the General Administration of Sport.


The first batch of certified companies in compliance with new national standard. Leading the drafting of the new national mandatory standard: GB19272-2011, promoting the integration of China's national standard with the world, upgrading safety and technical requirements, and perfecting the supervision system.


Won the "Standard Drafter Contribution Award" issued by the National Sports Goods Standardization Technical Committee.
Wande took the lead in the first batch of the industry to pass the new national mandatory standard NSCC certification.


The concept of “all-group fitness” was first proposed in the country, and the concept of fitness was extended to children and adolescents. During the National Games, the first “All-group fitness demonstration park” was established in Shenyang.


Wande is named after the Jiangsu Province Badminton Club. Support the development
 of fitness and event


Put forward the concept of including the elderly and the disabled in the whole population fitness, and form the concept of covering all the fitness groups such as children, adolescents, middle-aged , elderly people and the disabled, and built the first “all-population demonstration sports park” in Lishui, Nanjing.
Awarded the title of “2014 Love Enterprise” by Shanghai Huangpu Charity Federation .
As the Chinese industry standard implementation unit, it assists the authorities of Thailand and India in formulating their industry standards and management measures. Established a high-quality image of Chinese products and contributed to the “One Belt, One Road” national strategic initiative implemented by the government.


• Named “2014-2015 Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.
• Successfully set up a flag-raising ceremony team and hold a solemn flag-raising ceremony at the beginning of each month.
• April 7th, put the intelligent and health management results
into the Lishui Sports Park, and was highly appraised during the on-site inspection by Liu Peng, the director of the State Sports General Administration, and was identified as the “All-population Intelligent Demonstration Sports Park”, which was required to be promoted nationwide.
• In May, donated 1.5 million yuan worth of fitness equipment and body testing walls to the Taizhou Municipal Sports Bureau.


Established a group company, renamed “Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd.”, integrated the company's various operating structures, continued to promote shareholding system reform, diversified development, and promoted the company's listing.

Established the North American Business Center (N A B C ) and launched the ProfessionalPlay brand. In October 2017, at the American Outdoor Sports Equipment and Recreation Equipment Exhibition (NRPA), the obstacle course fitness training expert system was remarkably displayed.
At the Expo, the world‘s first “second-generation smart fitness path” was launched, which was highly recognized by the Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sports, Zhao Yong, and directed to promote as soon as possible, make 10 demonstration paths, and form a research report.
• Selected as the top ten leading sport goods company in Jiangsu Province in 2017 and was awarded the vice president unit.

Won the "2017 First District Government Quality Award (Organization) Nomination Award".
• In July, Dongyue Sports Park, the largest “full-person smart sports park” in China, was built in Bishan District, Chongqing, and received attention and publicity from CCTV and Xinhua News Agency.
• In August, the simulated ice rink and obstacle course were unveiled at the National Youth “Future Star” Sunshine Sports Scene (Ningxia Yinchuan), which was praised by Liu Fumin, the Director of the Youth Affairs Bureau of the General Administration of Sports.
On October 19th, the Nanjing Mayor, Qi Ruilin and other leaders inspected the Wande All-population Wisdom Demonstration Sports Park.
On November 10th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Sports Institute.
On December 18th, Yanshan Dongyue Sports Park was highly evaluated by the vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Yu Erqing, vice chairman of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Organization Committee, and Yang Guangyu, deputy director of the Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport and other leaders


Open the brand year, strategic cooperation and peace sports
Comprehensive recommended brand operation


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