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We are a professional manufacturer in outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one of the pioneer companies awarded the New NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry to be approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification standard.

Children Fitness Equipment

Today, children in many countries face the same problem: obesity and lack of exercise, which will lead to a long-term state of sub-health in the younger generation.

Children's fitness equipment is designed to make it easier for children to accept aerobic and anaerobic exercise in a rich and varied, scientific, and healthy way, to assist them in developing fitness habits.

The product conforms to the size of the child's body and contains a comprehensive fitness function, its application is very wide: there are schools, communities, squares, parks, etc.

At the same time, Wandeplay strictly follows TUV safety standards:

All moving parts are applied with self-developed limiters to leave enough space to prevent children from being pinched in the movement of the equipment.

All rotating parts adopt national standard bearings and adopt effective waterproof and dustproof measures.

The arc R angle semi-diameter of all the edges and angles on the supporting surfaces of equipment is bigger than 3mm.

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