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We are a professional manufacturer in outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one of the pioneer companies awarded the New NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry to be approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification standard.

Trampoline Park Equipment

Love jumping is a child' nature, the thrill brought by the body is exciting Jump up, vacate, flip, fall and bounce up again, let all kinds of tricks play for you, and enjoy the fun of flying clouds. Trampoline play equipment combined with dazzling colors and cute cartoon patterns, it combines both facial attractiveness and a new fun experience High-quality fame, one-piece injection molded mesh module, green and eco-friendly, no deformation. Playing a trampoline regularly can not only exercise the back, legs, waist and abdomen of children, but also promote the absorption of calcium by the leg bones, It can help children grow up, and also improve children's intelligence. On the trampoline, release yourself as much as yo like, sweat way, and jump of the surface of the earth!

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