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We are a professional manufacturer in outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one of the pioneer companies awarded the New NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry to be approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification standard.

Planet Playground

Curious about the planet

Curious planet is a world of science and technology. With the theme of "future curious planet", take "futuristic" as the design direction. The planet is the core of the design, leveraging the inherent intimacy of the circle. Deconstructing and reconstructing the pure geometric shape of the circle, naturally relieving the tension and constrains of the straight line. After continuous exploration and innovation, it is presented in a new way of amusement. With the effect of steel metal texture, it can convey the future sense of technology. Can also be lively,round, full, and stretched with visual movement. Cultivate children's macroscopic and broad understanding of the structure of points, lines, and surfaces in three-dimensional forms

As an outdoor playground equipment supplier, it is our goal to create a novel, grand and safe fantasy amusement park for children.

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