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Outdoor Multifunction Fantastic Planet Playground with Slide

The vast universe is always full of mystery I here are infinite imagination of the universe planet in Children s hearts There are rainbows connecting the four seasons , full of sunshine and happiness everywhere " Recreating from a childs perspective Taking " Little Prince planet B-612 as the creative prototype , under the collision of metallic style and sense of space Simple and modern design makes it more dynamic and dynamic.
Using the space background of the planet combined with structural safety considerations Give the entire venue a sense of creativity and fun Return to the planet B-612 you can find the innocent dreams of your childhood Bring unlimited surprises to children's playing time.
  • WD-15110400

  • Wandeplay

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Outdoor Multifunction Fantastic Planet Playground with Slide WD-15110400 (1)

Outdoor Multifunction Fantastic Planet Playground with Slide WD-15110400 (3)

Outdoor Multifunction Fantastic Planet Playground with Slide


1. Exercise the arm and leg strength, body balance and coordination.

2. Strengthen the body flexibility, and body parts of muscle, strength, endurance, etc.

3. Increase the body's blood circulation and promote metabolism. 

User guide:

1. Stairs: Lean on both sides of the rails by hands, step on stairs until it reaches a layer of platform or feature; 
2. Ladder: Grip the upper half of the ladder with both hands, climbing until it reaches a layer of platform or feature; 
3. Channels: Lean on the railing on both sides, uniformly through the channels until you reach another platform or feature; 
4. Crawl Net: Bend over to enter, and crawl through the net until you reach another platform or feature;

5. Slide: Reach the entrance, hold onto the slide edge on both sides by hands, sit on the slide the initial segment. 

Gently push back with both hands, making the body sliding forward into the segment. Loosen your hands, making the body free fall along the slide, after reaching the bottom, stand up.

Outdoor fitness Equipment product description

Model No: WD-15110400
Minimum Space: 2080*1730cm
Safety Zone: 2480*2130cm
Certification: GS,TUV,NSCC,ISO9001,14001,18001 etc.
User age: 5+ years
Material: 1. Plastic parts: Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), rotational moulding
2. Material: Steel Pipe.
Fastener and clamps: Aluminum alloy
Installation: We will provide professional CAD instruction,assembly instruction etc. for your reference.
Packing details: Cotton and plastic film
Delivery Time: For one 20GP 10-15 days, for one 40GP 20-25 days.
Warranty: One-year Free warranty and lifetime maintenance
During the year, owing to natural damage , which appear in the using process and is not maliciously man-made destruction.
Our company will provide the corresponding components free of charge;
Beyond one year, for replaced parts, components need to charge at cost.
Noted: All the fees of freight are in buyer's account.

outdoor playground and fitness FAQ

1. Where is your production base?
Our production base is located in the city Nanjing, which has convenient transportation, pleasant scenery.

2. Do you offer freight service?
Yes, we offer to quote your freight with preferential rates or, if you prefer, we also can work with the service of your preference.

3. What is the expected useful life of your products and what type of maintenance do you require?
The useful life of our products is calculated in at least 5 years. 

The maintenance they require is minimal: it is recommended to check bimonthly that all parts are tight and that no piece of hardware is needed.

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