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outdoor playground equipment

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When I was young, if I wanted to play some outdoor playground equipments, I could only go to the park or the mall or have a playground.However, many families now have fun spaces for children to play in the yard or at home, including support for swings, slides, seesaws, etc. Because parents hope to grow up with their children, and the Outer space Playground at home may be better able to control hygiene and safety, and it is more convenient.

Do you also want to your Aircraft series playset center and bring a new generation of beautiful childhood memories to your own children?

Read on to find out what you need to know to choose the suitable home outdoor playground equipment for your children.


The main outdoor playground equipments for home

There are many kinds of outdoor play equipment. Here we mainly introduce several outdoor play equipment suitable for home use.

  • Slide

Slides, a kind of kindergarten toys, are comprehensive sports equipment, and only through climbing can the slides be carried out. Children who play slides need a firm will and confidence to cultivate their courage. When the child slides down, he can enjoy the joy of success. The slide is a kind of sports equipment for children. It is commonly used in kindergartens or children's playgrounds. It is generally suitable for children aged 3-6. There are also special-purpose slides, such as slides for lifesaving. The slide is fitted with a ladder on one side of the high shelf and a diagonal slide on the other side. The child goes from the ladder and slides off the sloping plate.

According to the site of use: indoor slides and outdoor slides;

by size: small slides and large slides.

 According to the shape: straight, slobble, wave slip, small S, large S, three-section cylinder;

according to the level: single slip and double slip;


  • Seesaw

Seesaw, a multi-person (two or more) children's toys. Sitting on the seesaw, one person sits on one side, one goes up, one person goes down.

The principle of the seesaw is the principle of leverage. The pressure on the seesaw is the power and resistance. The distance between the fixed point of the person and the seesaw is the power arm and the resistance arm.

The acceleration of gravity causes one up and down, and the acceleration of gravity is higher than that of the lower one, so the high one drops, and at the same time, the lower one is tilted under the action of the lever principle, and thus circulates.

We all know that playing the seesaw is a playful children's play equipment that needs to be matched to play. When playing, it requires two children to cooperate well. Therefore, this kind of children's play equipment is not suitable for children under 5 years old without accompanying adults. The children play, because the children still don't know how to take care of each other. If they don't want to play, they will go down and do not care what the other party is in. It is often prone to accidents.

  • Swing

The swing is used as a game tool. The long rope is tied to the shelf, the lower jaw is hung, and the person swings back and forth with the seesaw. The origin of the swing can be traced back to the ancient times hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time, our ancestors needed to pick up wild fruits or hunt wild beasts in order to make a living. In climbing and running, they often grab the stout vines, relying on the swinging of the rattan, the tree or the gully, which is the most primitive form of the swing. As for the swings where the ropes were hung on the wooden frame and the pedals were lowered, they were in the north of China during the Spring and Autumn Period.


Safety tips for the home outdoor plyground equipment

For seesaw

1. The seesaw can only sit on one child at a time. If the weight difference between the two children is too large, you can talk to your child and play with a child of similar weight instead of sitting on a child at the light end.

2. Two children should sit face to face on the seesaw, don't reverse, sit back to back.

3. Have the child hold the handle tightly with both hands, do not try to touch the ground or empty both hands. Keep your feet in a place where you can pedal. If there is no place for the ankle, you can naturally hang down instead of curling under the seesaw, otherwise the squat will press down on the child's feet when pressed down.

For swing:

A minimum of 6 feet of protective surfacing should be laid out from the support structure on either side – and even more extended from the front and behind the set, at a length about twice the height of the swing from ground to support beam.


Through the above introduction, I hope that you can help you choose the right home outdoor plyground equipment in the later stage. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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