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We are a professional manufacturer in outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one of the pioneer companies awarded the New NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry to be approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification standard.

Wooden Playset

Wood is closer to nature, different from other materials, it gives us more kindness and warmth. The material of the log is from nature, which makes up for the children's lack of nature availability. The color, texture, and smell of the logs affect the playing atmosphere of the entire kids playground venue. We will set the product characteristics and customize the design with a subversive personality. Give the product more soul and touch. Novel shapes, close colors can well guide children to integrate, interact, meet, and play. Fine, soft, safe, and environmentally friendly material characteristics. Enough to give your child 100% peace of mind when playing and get more happiness.

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