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We are a professional manufacturer in outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one of the pioneer companies awarded the New NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry to be approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification standard.

Climbing Rope Net

The dynamic wave peak

Inspired by the flowing and undulating patterns of ocean waves, subvert the conventional structure of traditional rope nets to form a giant wave-like structure. For children to play"dynamic peak wave" is a psychological and physical challenge: Climb from the ground floor to the top, tests children's courage, and stimulates the curiosity of children in other regions to climb the summit. The high and low gradients gradually rise from the bottom to the high to form a wavy peak. Safety considerations, using the characteristics of the rope structure, the design of high and low wave feeling is also a consideration of the sport's ability of children of different ages. The dynamic wave crawling stimulates the children to bend over and try, and the limbs cooperate with each other to maintain the balance, the ups and downs continue to encourage children to go forward and explore!

The climbing activities are helpful for kids’ strength and coordination ability,Safety distances of these children's outdoor play equipment have been well considered.

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