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Development of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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In 1995, the Chinese government began to implement the National Fitness Program, and increasing the number of physical exercise facilities was an important part of the program. In 1997, the State General Administration of Sports decided to allocate 60% of the public welfare fund of the sports lottery for the implementation of the national fitness program, increased the construction of the national fitness path project, and built a large number of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in outdoor venues across the country. Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a beautiful and enjoyable way for people to exercise in the outdoors, be close to nature, and feel natural. Here are some answers.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The current development of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

The mushrooming of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in cities not only reflects the increasing level of social services but more importantly, reflects the strong demand for fitness among the general public. In the past, most people were limited by time or financial resources, which discouraged people who wanted to exercise and fitness. So, the laying of much Outdoor Fitness Equipment has pushed national fitness to thousands of households, with good accessibility, and the masses are justified to use Outdoor Fitness Equipment to strengthen their bodies, which is a beneficial thing with Chinese characteristics.

With the promulgation and implementation of the national fitness program, several sports Outdoor Fitness Equipment as the main product of the enterprise also rapidly rise and develop. Since 1997, China has nearly 200 fitness equipment manufacturers have launched a national fitness path. Compared with developed countries, Outdoor Fitness Equipment in China, although a late start, but the development of rapid, through the learning, introduction, improvement, and innovation several stages, the safety of equipment, scientific, applicability, and fun also continue to improve. By the end of 2001, Outdoor Fitness Equipment has been installed in more than 30,000 sets throughout the country, loved by the masses and fully affirmed by the government and functional departments at all levels. It is a suitable choice for public fitness and the beautiful scenery of the national fitness project. Although Outdoor Fitness Equipment is developing rapidly in the country, there are still many problems in the humanized design, which is worthy of our research and improvement.

The development status of the Outdoor Fitness Equipment industry in China.

At present, the Outdoor Fitness Equipment industry not only in the domestic market sales show a steady increase in the good trend, but foreign exports are also continuing to grow steadily, Outdoor Fitness Equipment in China's national fitness activities in a positive role of more and more attention and concern by countries around the world, which requires our national standards must be this requires our national standards to be in line with the relevant international standards, break the technical barriers, and improve the quality and safety of Outdoor Fitness Equipment to meet the export demand. In addition, as a large producer and exporter of Outdoor Fitness Equipment, China is actively applying to ISO for the establishment and drafting of the international standard "General Requirements for the Safety of Outdoor Fitness Equipment", which will not only strengthen China's voice in Outdoor Preschool educational amusement but also strengthen the international standard. This will not only strengthen our country's voice in Outdoor Fitness Equipment but also create favorable conditions for the export of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

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