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Do you really use outdoor fitness equipment in the right way?

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Outdoor fitness equipment in the instrument setting, the target groups are public, Its broad-spectrum let it has a simple, easy, quick features. But after all it is instrument, it is needed to master the basic essentials of the operation, when the exercise step by step, do not try to be brave and rivalry, so that the harmony of the body and the instrument.

Use outdoor fitness equipment needs keep in mind the "4 note”.

1.Do not exercise too much in the fitness equipment. People with the regular exercise can increase the amount of exercise , generally no more than 110 pulse beats / min is appropriate, not exceed 120 beats / min. People not often or not do l activities,first they should choose their own sport.

2.We must be prepared before exercise activities, warm up for 10 to 15 minutes. This can prevent twisted ankles, hips and nerve damage.

3.To grasp the exercise time. Old friends each exercise, preferably in about 40 minutes, not less than 30 minutes left, the right not more than 1 hour.

4.Outdoor fitness equipment likes a blossoming flower, decorated with modern city, for the National Fitness provides anytime, anywhere convenience. 

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