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How to choose school outdoor playground equipment?

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The outdoor activities of students have always expressed concern for teachers and parents. School outdoor playground equipment is the main place for students to conduct outdoor activities. Therefore, it is very important to choose equipment suitable for the physical and mental development of students. So, how to choose school large outdoor playground?

The following is an outline:

  1. What is the school outdoor playground equipment?

  2. Why choose school outdoor playground equipment?

  3. How to choose school outdoor playground equipment?


What is the school outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Tailored for students. Whether it is kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school or university, school large outdoor playground has suitable sizes tailored for children of all ages. Therefore, only choosing the right size can better meet the needs of students.

  2. Specifically for schools. School large outdoor playground is different from commercial large outdoor playground. It emphasizes public welfare. Therefore, school equipment generally has no novel features, and pragmatism is preferred.

  3. The shape is simple. School large outdoor playground is practical first, and the modelling patterns are generally simple.


outdoor playground equipment2

Why choose school outdoor playground equipment?

  1. The needs of the healthy growth of students. The burden of modern schoolwork is heavy and competition pressure is great. Therefore, the physical health of students is more concerned. Outdoor sports time is a short time for students to exercise. At this time, high-quality school large outdoor playground is very necessary.

  2. Meet the expectations of parents. In addition to improving academic performance, parents’ requirements for school are more importantly that they want their children to have a healthy body. Only by being healthy can we better create our own life.

  3. Show the charm of the school. The comprehensive strength of the school is not only reflected in the teaching level, but also in the infrastructure. The beautiful large outdoor playground of the school can greatly enhance the reputation of the school and attract more students to enroll.


How to choose school outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Choose a reliable manufacturer. The choice of the manufacturer can learn from the experience of nearby schools, and the school should conduct field inspections and make comparisons. Only in this way can we find a suitable manufacturer.

  2. Democratic choice of equipment types. Human rights should always be respected. When the school chooses the types of large outdoor playground, it can set up multiple options to give students the opportunity to vote democratically and respect their independent choice.

  3. Plan ahead. The school grounds are limited and the student population is large. Therefore, it is very appropriate to consider the floor space and the passenger capacity of the playground equipment when selecting the equipment.


In short, the large outdoor playground of the school is the equipment dedicated to serving students, and customized equipment requires the guidance of professionals. Nanjing Wonder Sports Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of large outdoor playground for schools. We have the professional services you need here.

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