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How to disinfect outdoor playground equipment?

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Outdoor playground equipment receives a considerable number of tourists every day, and the most worrying thing in public places is public safety. This involves our topic today: how to disinfect large outdoor playground?

The following is an outline:

1. Why disinfection of outdoor playground equipment

2. How to disinfect outdoor playground equipment

3. How to control the frequency of disinfection?


Why should outdoor playground equipment be disinfected?

  1. Prevent the spread of diseases. Respiratory tract infectious diseases have increased the awareness of disease prevention and control by more people. Disinfecting large outdoor playground can treat bacteria and viruses from the source and reduce the possibility of disease generation and spread.

  2. Enhance the brand image of amusement parks. The brand image of the amusement park comes from all aspects. Among them, the disinfection of the color of the amusement park reflects the effectiveness of the logistics support work of the amusement park. An enterprise that attaches importance to the elimination of large outdoor playground must be an enterprise responsible for the safety of consumers' lives.

  3. Enhance consumer trust. Tourists choose which amusement park to play, in addition to the novel and exciting infrastructure, they also care about the business's sense of service. Therefore, parks that do a good job of disinfecting large outdoor playground will be trusted by more tourists and attract more consumers.


outdoor playground equipment4

How to disinfect outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Hire professional disinfection personnel. Many amusement park owners may mistakenly think that the disinfection work is very simple and do not pay much attention to professionals. In fact, there are also professional standards for disinfection work, such as spraying scope, speed, frequency, etc., all have strict requirements.

  2. Use professional disinfection equipment. The disinfection of large outdoor playground is not just as simple as spraying with alcohol. According to the difference in equipment material and volume quality, select the appropriate disinfection material. Use professional killing equipment to complete the killing in all directions and without dead ends.

  3. Set unified testing standards. Generally speaking, there is a unified standard index for killing work countries. Within the company, the relevant testing standards can be established on the basis of national standards to ensure the successful completion of the disinfection work.


How to control the frequency of disinfection?

  1. According to the flow of people. The main task of disinfection is to remove bacteria or viruses that may cause human discomfort. Therefore, the disinfection work should be based on the flow of people in the playground, and the appropriate disinfection frequency should be selected.

  2. According to closing time. The disinfection work is generally selected when there are few tourists or when the door is closed at night. Therefore, the disinfection frequency of large outdoor playground should be continuously adjusted according to the time period when customers visit.

  3. According to the concentration of the disinfectant. In theory, the more concentrated the disinfectant, the lower the frequency of disinfection. However, the concentration of the disinfectant should be set in strict accordance with national standards, and the concentration should not be too high to cause safety hazards.


In short, the disinfection of outdoor playground equipment is very important. The relevant safety knowledge and professional means to consult professionals are more secure. Nanjing Wonder Sports Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of outdoor playground equipment. Any questions are welcome to consult.

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