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How to ensure the safety of outdoor playground enquipment?

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As we all know, amusement parks are popular places for many children and even adults. Because the playground and outdoor playground enquipment provide fresh air for the children, they gain friendship and fun while exercising. But it is worth noting that we need to strengthen the importance of playground safety. During the use of playground enquipment, playground safety should always be given priority. Regular inspection and maintenance of the playground area is essential to ensure our safety through years of active activities. By following the inspection and maintenance guidelines described in this article, you can improve the safety of playground enquipment, playground surface protection and surrounding areas, and reduce the possibility of injury. Let children play more safely.

This article contains the follow:

1.Check the enquipment detail carefully

2.Evaluating the Surface and choose right material

3.Proper maintenance

4.Spot any tripping hazards

5.Choose appropriate enquipment

1.Check the enquipment detail and environment carefully 

The first thing before taking your kid to the playground is to inspect the area. Based on your playground inspection, you can prepare a playground safety checklist. Consider the following points:

Check the ground for any sharp objects, or broken glass and trashcans.

Ensure that the playground has adequate space for your supervision.

Check the playground enquipment – swings, slides, merry-go-round, fireman’s pole, climbing enquipment, ropes, hoops etc. Only if this enquipment in good condition. 

Check nuts and bolts twice a month and tighten as needed.

Replace hardware that is worn or that has protrusions or projections.

Check swing seats, ropes, chains, and cables monthly for deterioration and replace as needed.

outdoor playground enquipment

2.Evaluating the Surface and choose right material

The fill or mats covering the surface around enquipment should extend from the enquipment in all directions, to allow for softer landings in the case of a fall from the enquipment. As well, to maintain the appropriate protective depth of your playground surface, add more right material to your existing.

3.Proper maintenance

The area surrounding your playground can become just as dangerous as the enquipment and the protective playground surface if not adequately maintained.  Keep the area free of litter and any objects that may cause injuries, such as fallen tree limbs, sharp sticks, large rocks, and yard tools.  Additionally, adequate drainage should be maintained to prevent water from collecting on and around the protective playground surface. Areas that are often wet can be potential slipping hazards as well as breeding grounds for fungus, mold, and other bacteria.

4.Spot any tripping hazards

 Particularly in outdoor playgrounds, there may be tree stumps, rocks, or concrete footings that a child could easily trip over while running and playing. If you aren't able to remove these, you should at least point them out to your child.

5.Choose appropriate enquipment

Allow children to play only on age-appropriate enquipment. If you have a younger child, seek out a playground at an elementary school that is geared toward your child's age group, rather than a larger public playground where there may be enquipment for older children. Some playgrounds have separate areas set apart for younger children as well. Keep in mind that children can be tempted to play on enquipment they're too young to use, especially if they want to impress other kids who might be around.

Therefore, we need to spend a few minutes a week to check playground enquipment to see if there are safety hazards on the protective surface and surrounding areas. This can significantly improve the safety conditions for children to play and make parents more at ease. Take precautions before they happen!

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