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How to maintain climbing rope nets?

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Outdoor play equipment is mainly used outdoors. With the help of the advantages of the equipment, expansion of the form of activities can give people a different entertainment experience, and the combination of different styles of climbing rope net can also give people a new and exciting sensory stimulation and experience. However, the operators of outdoor play equipment should also pay attention to regular maintenance, so that it can maintain its gorgeous appearance and safety performance for a longer time.


Here is the content list:

How about the price/performance ratio of running outdoor climbing rope net?

What hidden dangers can be eliminated by maintaining outdoor play equipment?

How to prolong the lifespan of outdoor play equipment?


How about the price/performance ratio of running outdoor climbing rope net?

When it comes to common combination, slides, climbing rope nets, sand pools are all classic options for outdoor climbing rope nets, and some small water playing facility can also be whose partner. Such facilities can bring more interactive space and playability to children, which is extremely scarce for contemporary children in urban community life.

From the cost of outdoor play facility, no matter what color or specification you want, you can consult our customer service to order it. You can know everything about climbing rope net from manufacturing to installation.

Children of different ages have different hobbies, and are relatively interested in different play facilities, but climbing rope net is liked by almost all children who are not in school, and its cost is clear and controllable. On the whole, outdoor play facility is rather cost-effective.

 climbing rope net

What hidden dangers can be eliminated by maintaining outdoor play equipment?

Regular inspection and maintenance are very important for the safe and stable use of facility. Large outdoor play facility will inevitably be aging or damaged during specific use. Regular inspections can eliminate various safety hazards in the bud.

In addition, service personnel must do a good job of supervision, and sharp objects must not be brought into the venue to avoid falling during the exercise and causing accidental injuries. Children must wear suitable sportswear when use climbing rope net.

Due to the severe epidemic this year, various entertainment venues have just started operating. For parents and friends, if they bring their children out to play, the biggest worry is infection. Therefore, it is also very important for outdoor play equipment operators to do a good job in epidemic prevention, so as to make the play space safer and more comfortable.


How to prolong the lifespan of outdoor play equipment?

The same is true for other items. The quality of standard climbing rope net is naturally longer than the defective product, and it is less prone to lead to various failures in the process of being used. However, if it is not well maintained, even the best quality outdoor play equipment can easily be worn out. So, what aspects of maintenance should be paid to outdoor play equipment?

Pay attention to surface cleaning

In the process of outdoor play equipment being used, coupled with the child's weak self-control, various stains will definitely fall on the surface, such as sweat stains, saliva, drinks and so on. If these things are not cleaned up in time, they will corrode the surface and accessories of outdoor play equipment to a certain extent, which will reduce their service life in the long run.

Daily check whether the accessories are firm

Accessories are an essential part of outdoor play equipment. The seemingly small parts are related to the robustness of the entire outdoor play equipment. In the process of being used, parts may be loose. If it is not discovered and repaired in time, it may cause damage to the entire outdoor play equipment, and even lead to child safety accidents.

Stop Irregular behavior in time

In the children's playground, it is not ruled out that there are some naughty children. They are too active and excited, and they always have a lot of alternative ways to play beyond the normal ways. These irregular play methods often lead to damage to amusement equipment.

Therefore, maintenance personnel of outdoor play facility must be vigilant and always pay attention to the children's movements in the amusement park In order to protect the safety of children and reduce their damage to outdoor play facility, once any irregular play behavior is discovered, it must be stopped in time.


Compared with adult play projects, the maintenance of children climbing rope net is a more meticulous task, which is not an easy task. If it is not maintained in time, it will speed up the aging of outdoor climbing rope net and bring hidden dangers to operational safety. Therefore, Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. recommends that operators of outdoor play equipment must pay attention to the maintenance of equipment. If you want to know more about how to install and maintain outdoor climbing rope net, and even the tips of project operation, you can browse other information on our website.

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