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How to maintain outdoor fitness equipment?

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Just as people need maintenance to look younger, outdoor fitness equipment also needs maintenance to extend its service life. Outdoor fitness equipment is set up outdoors all the year round, accepting wind and rain, as well as some people use it incorrectly, leading to which often fails to reach the limit of its original life. As a purchaser of outdoor fitness equipment, you must want to know how to maintain it in all aspects.


Here is the content list:

What are the benefits of maintaining outdoor fitness equipment?

How to proceed outdoor fitness equipment maintenance measures?

How to stop improper use of outdoor fitness equipment?


What are the benefits of maintaining outdoor fitness equipment?

1. One of the most obvious benefits of maintaining outdoor fitness equipment is to increase their service life. According to statistics, the average service life of outdoor fitness equipment that has been properly maintained is at least 3 years longer than the average service life that has never been maintained.

2. Maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment can ensure normal operation and reduce failure rate. Finding out and dealing with it in advance can avoid the expansion or seriousness of outdoor fitness equipment failure, and effectively ensure the safety of residents' lives and property.

3. During the maintenance process, the operator can grasp the hidden dangers in advance, shorten the repair time, reduce the workload of repair after failure, as well as reduce unnecessary losses caused by the failure.

outdoor fitness equipment 

How to proceed outdoor fitness equipment maintenance measures?

Check accessories regularly

There are usually many screws and connections on the outdoor fitness equipment in the community. When using fitness equipment, we should check them regularly to avoid potential safety hazards. Once these safety hazards are discovered, they must be repaired in time.

Value epidemic prevention

Outdoor fitness equipment is a public facility, so many people touch it, which makes it very easy to be polluted. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons when influenza is high, regular cleaning and disinfection is very necessary. When cleaning, use a soft cloth and an appropriate amount of detergent, and add some disinfectant when necessary, so that outdoor fitness equipment can be effectively cleaned.

Oiling accessories timely

Outdoor fitness equipment is generally placed outdoors, it is likely to rust in the wind and sun, so it needs to be oiled. When outdoor fitness equipment is stuck, it is equivalent to issuing a warning to the operator. At this time, you need to take corresponding measures to extend its service life.

Mandatory update

According to national regulations, outdoor fitness facility must be removed and replaced when it is scrapped. A damaged outdoor fitness facility is an unstable factor that threatens the lives of residents at any time. It is the operator's responsibility and obligation to ensure that these outdoor fitness facility for residents are in normal use at all times.


How to stop improper use of outdoor fitness facility?

In fact, the maintenance of outdoor fitness facility is not only a matter for managers, but also for all users. Outdoor fitness facility in public areas is not personal property, so many users want to operate them. However, many communities have not yet set up professionals to maintain and maintain outdoor fitness equipment, so man-made damage and natural wear are more serious.

The managers of outdoor fitness equipment should extensively mobilize, publicize and educate, improve residents' awareness of exercise and safety, improve the use and management system, establish an effective management mechanism, and train professional maintenance and repair equipment personnel. Only by establishing a system of rewards and punishments that punish deliberate damage and reward whistleblowers can the importance of outdoor fitness equipment maintenance be implemented in the hearts of residents.


Under the trend of nationwide fitness, outdoor fitness equipment targets more and more groups. Due to the number of times it is used, damage to outdoor fitness equipment is inevitable, so managers should maintain it regularly. For some inappropriate use behaviors, managers must promptly discourage them. As a professional manufacturer, Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. is happy to provide you with after-sales service and can also guide you in the training of maintenance personnel. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

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