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How to maintain park fitness enquipment?

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With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people have a higher pursuit of quality of life, and they pay more attention to health, so exercise time has increased accordingly. Many community park fitness enquipment still has some problems in terms of venue, safety, and practicality. Most people don't know the correct way to use fitness enquipment, because improper operation will bring safety hazards to people, and park fitness enquipment itself has some drawbacks. Too. For example, natural destruction, unreasonable design, etc. This article analyzes the status quo of park fitness enquipment for user groups and the environment, and provides scientific and reasonable solutions and maintenance measures for improving the construction of outdoor fitness facilities.

This article contains the following:

Status and development of park fitness enquipment

Park fitness enquipment itself and other shortcomings and problems

Park fitness enquipment maintenance measures


1.Status and development of park fitness enquipment

park fitness enquipment, as a new thing in the nationwide fitness era, is usually used in scenic spots, communities or entertainment parks. Such places are generally far away from the high-rise buildings in the city and away from the reinforced concrete. It is suitable for the masses to exercise outdoors and entertain themselves. After nearly 20 years of development, the product varieties and concepts of park fitness enquipment are constantly innovating. In 2015, Wonder put forward the concept of including the elderly and the disabled in the whole population fitness, thus forming the concept of covering all the fitness groups such as children, adolescents, middle-aged , elderly people and the disabled, and built the first "all-population demonstration sports park" in Lishui, Nanjing. More types of park fitness enquipment have been put into community construction. The applied places of outdoor playground equipment, according to sizes, can be divided into two categories: small playgrounds and big ones; small and large playground. It is usually built in ecologically sound parks and various communities, combining various amusement methods to attract everyone to keep heath while having fun. For example, some slides, climbing, etc. The value of these park fitness enquipment continues to increase, and it has become a way to improve the value of real estate. Therefore, in recent years, with the development of park fitness enquipment, various ingenious designs have also emerged.

 outdoor playground enquipment

2.Park fitness enquipment itself and other shortcomings and problems

park fitness enquipment itself is exposed to the outside air for a long time, and will inevitably be damaged due to some weather causes. Among them, many rolling parts and their structure are not resilient to dust and humidity. As a result they are damaged only after one year of use. It is difficult to guarantee the 4-year use period of park fitness enquipment required by mandatory national standards. In addition, the long-term exposure of outdoor ultraviolet rays will cause the coating of many outdoor equipment to seriously fall off or rust and corrode, causing certain safety hazards to children and adults.


3.Park fitness enquipment maintenance measures

If park fitness enquipment plays a pivotal role in people's daily recreational exercises, then the maintenance of outdoor equipment during use becomes extremely important.

Firstly, regular inspections and detailed inspections should be carried out on outdoor playground equipment, and check sheets should be used and recorded in time.They can be done on a daily or weekly basis looking for such things as vandalism, twisted swing chains, broken swing seats, exposed concrete footers, loose bolts or rails, broken glass, standing water, etc. 

Secondly, every month, oiling the metal parts to make sure they don't rust. Each year, when the weather gets warm, prepare the park fitness enquipment for the season. Check for insect and animal habitation around the playground area, and sweep the dust away if necessary. 

Last but not the least, while performing a thorough inspection of the park fitness enquipment, if you come across a problem, assess the damage or issue and consult with a maintenance professional when necessary. While some problems are easily repaired, significant issues may require the purchase of replacement. Be sure to check the equipment warranty carefully with the manufacturer to know every small issue.

Finally, the general outdoor sports field equipment is 10 to 15 years old or older. If there is serious wear and tear or something that affects the operation of the entire park fitness enquipment, it is best to develop a "replacement" plan to reduce property losses.


Nowadays, park fitness enquipment is following in our lives. Correct and timely maintenance of the life of outdoor sports equipment is a key step to enrich people's lives and improve social health.


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