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How to treat outdoor fitness equipment correctly?

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Outdoor fitness equipment is mainly aimed at adults. A few parks have installed swings and seesaws. However, even if children play in these facilities, parents should take care of them to prevent danger. "The staff of the Municipal Sports Bureau said that fitness equipment is managed locally and maintained by the community. Outdoor fitness equipment installed on cement or slate ground is unscientific and poses safety hazards. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of aging fitness facilities. The investigation requires the community to strengthen supervision and maintenance work, and achieve the "double insurance" of parental guardianship and community supervision. Next, I will help you understand this a little bit.



What should I pay attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment?

How should the elderly treat outdoor fitness equipment?

What should young people pay attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment?


What should we pay attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment?

Note 1: Don't overuse outdoor fitness equipment. People who used to take part in physical exercises can appropriately increase the amount of exercise. Generally, the pulse rate should not exceed 110 beats per minute, and the maximum should not exceed 120 beats per minute. Old comrades who did not take part in physical exercise often or at all in the past must first choose a sport that suits them.

Note 2: Be sure to prepare before exercise, a warm-up for about 10 to 15 minutes. Doing so can prevent twisting the ankle, waist, and nerve damage.

Note 3: Do some sorting activities after exercise. Because the capillaries are dilated after exercise, if you sit on the ground and stay there, your blood cannot return to the heart at the far end of the body, and you will feel heart suffocation, old comrades with high blood pressure and heart disease. Take a walk after using outdoor fitness equipment.

Note 4: To master the exercise time. The best time for elderly friends to exercise should be around 40 minutes, no less than 30 minutes on the left, and no more than 1 hour on the right.


How should the elderly treat outdoor fitness equipment?

A fitness riding machine is a kind of exercise equipment that is more suitable for the elderly. When playing, pay attention to tilt your head back and pull back as much as possible. This will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis. The running machine is also a kind of outdoor fitness equipment suitable for the elderly to exercise, but some old comrades play this equipment too frequently. Based on a cycle of 360 degrees, the average elderly friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in one second.


What should young people pay attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment?

Regarding the setting of outdoor fitness equipment, it should be pointed out that before installation, it is necessary to plan whether the site is grass, sand, or plastic. After installation, the manufacturer should send personnel to do the post-maintenance work and regularly check and maintain it. “It’s best to post some Outdoor Preschool educational amusement. Children should be accompanied by their parents when they play.” According to Kang De, deputy director of the Emergency Department of the 175th Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, parents should let children operate according to the user specifications. , And try not to let them try that outdoor fitness equipment that is not suitable for use. So some Outdoor Preschool educational amusement should be added.


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