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How to understand the importance of outdoor fitness?

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Outdoor fitness equipment, there is a professional name, called outdoor path. In the outdoor installation of fixed, for people to exercise fitness equipment and facilities. Some strength-building machines are comparable to those in the gym. Do you know anything about outdoor fitness equipment? I'm going to take you there.


● What are the precautions for outdoor fitness?

● What is the importance of outdoor preschool education?

● What are the benefits of outdoor fitness?

What are the precautions for outdoor fitness?

There are many types of outdoor fitness equipment. The first is the stretch class. There are the ribbed wooden frame, horizontal bar, and other pressure leg lever equipment. This kind of exercise is not advocated by the elderly to press their legs or lift their legs very high to press, high pressure does not represent health. The advice is too high. The second category of outdoor fitness equipment is waist twisting. The waist of the elderly is stiffer, the action when twisting the waist should be slow and soft as far as possible. Twitching too fast can lead to a strain of the small muscles around the spine, which can have an adverse effect on the intervertebral disc, possibly leading to a herniated disc. Therefore, when doing the waist twisting action, to do what you can, do not extremely twist themselves, especially not too hard. The third is aerobic equipment. Dr. He Zhijian said that some elderly people increase their stride length on the spacewalk to 160 degrees to 180 degrees, treating the spacewalk as a "dynamic leg splitter," which is quite dangerous. Because it may lead to the relaxation of the ligaments of the hip joint, it is easy to cause dislocation. Dr. He recommends that older people do more low-intensity aerobic exercise over and over again.

What is the importance of outdoor preschool education?

Early childhood education is the initial stage for human beings to begin to accept education, and it is an important cornerstone for future higher education. To ensure the healthy development of children's bodies and minds and cultivate healthy and progressive psychology, outdoor preschool educational amusement for children is very important. Games, especially outdoor games are a happy independent development of children to promote their intelligence, physical improvement of the important activities. Play is the nature of children, the famous scholar Chen Heqin once mentioned: "children born active, is to play for life." Thus it can be seen that playing games are a child's instinct. At present, many teachers have gradually realized the importance of outdoor preschool educational amusement, and have bought outdoor fitness equipment for children to play. It is not only a project that children are willing to try, but also an important form to promote their continuous learning. Integrating educational content into games and creating rich activities and play environments for them will help them to achieve self-maturity and have good and happy childhood memories.

What are the benefits of outdoor fitness?

Outdoor sports have their own characteristics, the use of outdoor fitness equipment and improve the jumping ability, realize as directional cross-country, participants in the sometimes skip soil cliffs, rocks, and the first obstacle, or across the ditch stream requires jumps, use leap, more have long run-up process, ground jump movement range is generally small. Therefore, the rapid explosive force requirement of the ankle joint of the person participating in outdoor sports is relatively higher. At the same time is also conducive to improve the jumping power.

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