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How to use Climbing rope net safely?

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I believe that everyone has more or less contact with outdoor play equipment, and its obvious characteristics are high sportiness and high interaction. However, many unpowered driving projects like climbing rope net are accompanied by a certain degree of risk when playing, and the recent accidents reported in the news are also very worrying. In addition, although the epidemic has been brought under control, immunity of children in densely populated areas will still be challenged. As an operator of outdoor play equipment, you should know how to ensure the safe and secure operation of children climbing rope net.


Here is the content list:

How to ensure safety of climbing rope net during installation?

How to ensure operate safety of outdoor play equipment?

How to ensure the hygiene safety of outdoor play equipment?


How to ensure safety of climbing rope net during installation?

Not only for amusement park operators, many families, schools, and kindergartens now have outdoor play equipment. These facilities are for children. The first thing to consider is safety issues, and then quality issues, maintenance and warranty issues.

First of all, the climbing rope net installation must be completed in strict accordance with the drawings or by professional technicians. Before installation, check whether the steel pipe bracket and elevation meet the safety parameters before installation. During installation, perform standardized operations in strict accordance with relevant national regulations to ensure the stability of climbing rope net.

From the finish of outdoor play equipment installation to before which is put into use, a re-inspection must be carried out to check whether there are any screws that are missing or not tightened. What's more, climbing rope net should be cleaned and checked to see if there are any uneven burrs on the surface.

After all is completed, if there are no problems, the outdoor play equipment can be officially put into use. Remember to check the screw fastener after a period of use to see if there is any looseness, and solve the problem in time.

climbing rope net 

How to ensure operate safety of outdoor play equipment?

The operator of outdoor play equipment should check its performance regularly. For the safety hazards discovered during the operation of climbing rope net, the operation should be stopped immediately and the hidden hazards should be eliminated in time, and the climbing rope net must not be operated with "diseases".

Each kind of outdoor play facility should have different emergency plans so that proper measures can be taken in time when the facility fails to evacuate tourists to ensure their safety.

Operators of children's laughing facility should regularly maintain the facility to reduce wear and tear during operation. The facility should be operated by a dedicated person, and non-professionals should not move it to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In addition, every day when the outdoor play equipment is trial-run, there must be a special person to do acceptance check. Do not disassemble the parts at will. If all the checks are normal, the equipment can start running.


How to ensure the hygiene safety of outdoor play equipment?

After the epidemic, people pay more attention to environment and hygiene, and have higher hygiene requirements for crowded places such as outdoor play equipment. For the safety and health of children, as an operator of outdoor play equipment, you should do the following.

1.At the entrance of the amusement park, prepare all kinds of protective equipment. For example, 75% alcohol, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wet paper towels or hand washing facilities, make sure that children wear masks and pass the temperature test to climb children climbing rope net. Employees need to improve their ability to respond to emergencies.

2.Before playing children climbing rope net, children need to wash their hands and change shoes. The air in the park is ventilated 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes each time.

For outdoor play equipment, fences, doors and windows, walls, seats in the parent's rest area, and the surfaces of objects that are frequently touched, the staff should use detergents to wipe them after one day's work.

3.Set up a prevention and control team. Operators or fixed prevention and control team personnel regularly conduct sanitary inspection and supervision on the outdoor play equipment area to ensure that sanitary prevention and control are in place.

4.Because outdoor play equipment is easily contaminated by food and drinks, leading to the springing of bacteria and insects. Play zone, rest zone, and dining zone must be clearly distinguished, and food waste must be removed every day.


Children's playground equipment can bring rich visual, auditory, and tactile experiences to children, but at the same time, safety construction must be done. No matter how good your marketing plan is, or the quality of outdoor play equipment is not good enough, you will not be able to assume the corresponding social responsibilities. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd., as a conscientious safe outdoor play equipment manufacturer, provides you with professional construction and maintenance services to eliminate your worries about potential safety hazards.

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